Daddy is a Bronc Rider 

I spent time following rodeos as I was writing the novelization for the movie Cowgirls 'N Angels.  On the road, I met some Bronc Riders and learned about the rodeo circuit and what it's like for them to leave families behind in the hopes of winning a jackpot.  I was inspired by some of the men I met at rodeos, who were generous enough to share their stories.

The vocalist is my long-time friend Mitzi Schwarz.  The guitar tracks are played by Ron DePerna, my next door neighbor.   (Click the play button below.)  

Bronco Final 72011.mp3

Daddy is a Bronc Rider LYRICS

by Pam Bassuk

Daddy is a bronc rider

And one of the best bull fighters

Momma’s mad that he’s not around

Says he’s just a rodeo clown



Where’s my daddy gone

What’s the reason I was born?

Gotta try to find that man

Bring him back if I can


His pick-up carried all his hopes

A can of soup and an old bull rope

He never did win a lot

But he kept on chasin’ that big jackpot




From ranch to ranch he would roam

Tryin’ to earn money to get back home

But then he’d hear of a rodeo

He’d get back in the truck and off he’d go




Rodeo is in his blood

It’s what he does it’s what he loves

The cowboys are his family

Not my momma and me


The cowboys are his family

Not my momma, not me

Not my momma, not me

Not my momma, not me



If you have a following, are looking for original music, and like my style, let's talk.  I am available to write lyrics based on your stories or mine.  You must have your own musicians.  Serious inquiries only. 

Where Are You Now?

Where are You Now is about feeling lost and alone while yearning for spiritual connection.  It's the first spiritual song I wrote and marked the beginning of my collaboration with vocalist Mitzi Schwarz.  

I've included two versions of the song below, because they have such different energies.  

The first version is a quiet, simple rendition in which Mitzi Schwarz sings and I play guitar.   

In the second version, we added the incredible, inspiring improvisations of Steve Moos on mandolin, and Dave Victorino on flute and percussion.  I also changed some lyrics in the second version so the song could be enjoyed during any time of year.  This version was recorded by Sound Engineer Dave DiMatteo.  (Click play buttons below.)  

Dear God.mp3

01 Dear God w_ Mandolin and Flute.mp3

I can help you write lyrics!   

Dime Store Cowgirl 

I fell in love with cowgirl hats while attending  rodeos.  I desperately wanted to buy one, but I had read somewhere that a dime store cowboy is a city boy who doesn't ride horses, but buys a cowboy hat at the dime store to impress his friends.  I didn't want to look like a poser, so despite drooling over my fair share of cowgirl hats at rodeos, I never did buy one. 

This song is about a paper pusher trapped in an office cubicle who dreams of bigger pastures and freedom.  I hope someday this song gives me the power to embrace my inner cowgirl and proudly strut around in a pink leather cowgirl hat, despite the fact that I don't ride. 

The music was written in collaboration with Marty Buttwinick, one of the most amazing music teachers I have ever worked with.  About three years ago, I went to him because I was feeling musically blocked and stagnant.  He waved his magic wand and I have been writing non-stop ever since (in many genres).  If you're ever in need of a gifted, insightful guitar / music theory / song writing teacher, look no further.  (He even teaches by Skype!)

Song will be added soon.