Wedding Vows and Toasts

Words are at the very heart of wedding ceremonies.  Writing your own words can be an incredibly powerful experience.  What life-long promises would you like to make?  What stories would you like to share? Who would you like to thank?  Too often, brides and grooms are so busy worrying about flowers, seating arrangements, the wedding cake, hotels, and the color of the table clothes, they forget to take time to focus on the words they will speak.  But the speaking of words is the most essential part of any service.  

One of the most beautiful experiences a bride and groom can have is to sit down and write their vows together.  These discussions lay the foundation for a healthy marriage and are truly transformative when spoken in front of family and friends.  

Wedding toasts are the chance to share our stories with the people we love.  They provide us with the opportunity to publicly thank those who have supported us, our new spouse included.  Toasts offer a chance for us to laugh and cry with those we love most.  They are often the second most moving part of any wedding.  

If you want to make your ceremony extra special and would like a little extra help finding the words to express what you're feeling, I can help you.  I have been happily married for fifteen years (together for twenty) and helping people tell their stories for at least that long.  

Sample Wedding Vows

I don’t ask you to fulfill all my dreams, I ask only that you share my dreams with me and allow me to share your dreams with you. 

I promise to cherish our time together.  I will always remember that our love is my most precious possession.

I promise to soothe your hurts and share your delights.  I  will cheer for you when you attempt new endeavors and I will believe in you when others may doubt.

I promise to accept you as you are.

I will try in every way possible to make you as happy as you make me.

I promise to help you become the best person you can be.  

I promise that together, we will participate in the healing of the world, with our words, with our actions, with our love.

I promise that together, we will build a home which is a place of love, respect and safety.

I promise to love you, protect you and be faithful to you, through good times and bad, for all the days that we both shall live.

With this ring, I promise myself to you, for this hour, for this day, for this lifetime.  May this ring always remind you of the vows I’ve made to you.  As this ring encircles your finger, may it remind you that you are surrounded by my love.  

Sample Wedding Toast

I would like to make a toast to Karyn and Tom, two incredible people who have become even better and stronger through their relationship with each other.

For those of you who don’t remember, Karyn and Tom's marriage began two years ago with a rather hasty proceeding.  With a baby on the way, they rushed to the courthouse and made it official.  They wanted to be a family, but didn’t have the time to plan a full wedding.  Today we are here because they wanted to have a marriage ceremony, surrounded by their loving family and community. 

The beginning of Karyn and Tom's marriage was less than typical to say the least.  Like most newlyweds, Karyn and Tom didn’t get much sleep that first year.  Unlike most newlyweds, this was due to prior romantic escapades.  The first week of their marriage, Tom spent most nights on the couch.  Tom had discovered one little known side-effect of pregnancy - snoring.  To be more specific - women in their third trimester often sound like Mack trucks when they sleep.  Fortunately, the snoring did eventually stop - when the baby arrived.  Then an extended game of musical beds and sofas began - not the kind of musical beds one thinks of when one thinks of newlyweds. 

A typical night in the Miller home might begin with Karyn and Tom putting Lilly to sleep in their family bed.  The family would sleep blissfully for about thirty-seven minutes.  Then Lilly would wake up screaming for milk. Tom, desperate to get some sleep before work the next day, would move to the quieter couch.  Karyn would nurse Lilly back to sleep, but thirty-seven minutes later, Lilly would wake again.  Karyn would bring Lilly out to the couch so she could nurse.  Tom would return to bed.  When Lilly finally fell back to sleep, Karyn and Lilly would return to bed.  Tom would return to the couch.  Karyn would miss her new husband, so she would join Tom on the tiny couch.  Tiny little Lilly would have the entire king size bed to herself.  The whole thing would repeat about six times until Tom's alarm clock went off and “refreshed and alert,” Tom would go to work.  Any couple who can survive that, as Tom and Karyn did, and decide to go ahead with a full marriage ceremony -- well that’s a couple who is truly in love and deeply committed to each other and to their family.  Click Here to Read More